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Satellite TV and dishnet Internet Powered by DISH

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DISH Network offers multiple ways for you to connect to the internet. Our flagship product, Dishnet, is a broadband connection brought to you through your satellite dish. This means Dish Network internet service is available anywhere you find DISH satellite TV, which is most of the United States. Alternatively we offer a DSL high-speed internet service, with packages ranging from 7 to 40 Mbps.

Anyone with a clear view of the southern sky has access to dishnet. You can even bundle the internet service with DISH’s highly-acclaimed TV service for the convenience of one bill and bundled savings. Get a download speed up to 15 Mbps and a generous data cap of 50 GB per month. You’ll be able to check your email, be on social, browse the web and even stream some music and videos with your connection.

dishnet High-Speed Internet from DISH Network
High-Speed internet dishnet

Get fast internet speeds so you can download large files in just seconds. Your connection will always be on, no need to log on. And since your internet will be a separate connection, you don’t ever have to worry about tying up your phone line.

DISH offers the best value when it comes to satellite internet service. We offer packages to suit any budget and need.

Dish Network TV Packages

Available to anyone living in the U.S., Dish Network Internet gives residents of rural areas access to high speed Internet without paying a fortune. If you live in area with little to no access to ordinary broadband, DISH satellite internet will be the best option available.

Dish already provides users with the best satellite TV package, but now they can even combine it with the most affordable satellite Internet service. With only one service provider, you won’t have have to contend with multiple bills and customer service departments.

Dish Network Internet service now also features:

  1. Nationwide availability – Wherever in the whole of United States you may live, you can get access to Dish’s Internet and TV bundle, but especially in the rural areas where there are fewer options for Internet access due to the lack of other options like cable, high-speed DSL or broadband. So long as you are able to install a satellite in your roof or anywhere in your property, you can get connected easily.
  2. Fast Internet – The Dish Internet service provider gives its users speeds of up to 15 Mbps, which is more than enough for your daily Internet activities like checking your email, surfing the web, shopping online, playing games and even streaming videos. Even downloading music files or pictures need only seconds, much faster than with the old-school dial-up service. For those who have no fiber optic broadband connections, this is definitely the fastest Internet service they can expect. With its Internet connection via satellite instead of phone line, you won’t have to worry about missing any phone calls while using the Internet.

Phone Number: 1-800-567-5048

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